Valley Rim Southern Baptist Association

The Valley Rim is an association of churches in the east part of the Valley of the Sun and on the Payson Rim area northeast of Phoenix. We believe everyone of every culture, language, and race has the right and need of a church for them. The forty five congregations with buildings and property are also looking to plant congregations of every kind in multi-family housing communities, homes, businesses, college campuses, and any where else folks may want to meet to worship God and follow Christ as His disciples. Check out our pages. Ask questions. Make requests. Share ideas. Let us know if we can help you through the ministries we offer.

"Even Jesus did not come to have His own needs met but to meet the needs of others, giving His life a ransom for many".

Mark 10:45 (paraphrase)


Serving the Greater East Valley of the Sun and Payson Rim

Valley Rim SBA

1235 E. Evergreen St.

Mesa, AZ 85203